Wedding cakes

Almost all wedding cakes are assembled at the wedding venue. We offer cake delivery and set up service at most venues in and around Greater London.

There is an additional charge for set up and delivery, which depends upon the size of the cake and distance to the venue.

We also provide cake stands free of cost against a deposit, which is refunded when the cake stand is returned. We ask that the cake stand be returned within three days of the event.

Desserts for weddings and parties

We deliver desserts to either your caterer’s kitchen or directly to the venue. Some desserts (e.g.cheesecakes) require refrigeration before being served so please ensure that the venue is equipped accordingly. The caterer at the event is responsible for serving the desserts.

There is typically a charge for delivering desserts, which depends upon the distance to the venue.

We also offer dessert table set up service at weddings and parties. For details, please see the ‘Desserts’ section in this website.

Birthday, novelty and traditional cakes

We deliver all over and around Greater London. Please call us to get an estimate of the delivery charge.